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At TapeManBlue, we know you can’t afford to damage your windows during construction and renovation.  We also know that you’re tired of dealing with protective products that simply don’t provide the protection you need.  That’s why we only offer American made window protection film that far surpasses the quality of the other products on the market.

TapeManBlue Window Protection Film is a polyethylene film coated with a removable adhesive.  The product sticks edge to edge on glass and/or trim, allowing the film to stay in place.  While it has the tack necessary to get the job done, it can be cleanly removed for up to 60 days without damaging your window or leaving residue behind.  The protective window film is also UV-resistant, so it thrives in both indoor and outdoor applications. 

TapeManBlue Window Protection Film protects against:
Over-sprays, paints, mortar stains, acid washings, and a wide variety of other messes!
Professionals use TapeManBlue Window Protection Film for various applications, including: 
Construction, renovation, restoration, maintenance, interior & exterior painting, door & window manufacturing, plastering, stucco, brick acid washing, and much more


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